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I am a photographer and videographer, based in Aurora, Colorado in the U.S.A. I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic film camera that my Dad gave me when I took a trip out west at the age of 14. I went on to attend Penn State University and graduated in 1977. I moved to Denver in October of that year. I met a wonderful woman who gifted me my first 35mm SLR – a Minolta SRT 201. I proposed to her that evening. I have been hooked on photography ever since.

In 1978 I started my career in the mental health field . I graduated with a Masters in Social Work degree from the University of Denver in 1984, and am a licensed clinical social worker.

While working as a social worker for a local school district, I got interested in a new computer lab that had been set up in our school. The computers were furnished by a company out of California called Apple. I would take one home on weekends to learn how to use them. Later, when the Internet came along, I taught myself HTML, and started making websites for friends and for my professional association. 

Around this time I needed to learn how to use software for graphics on websites, and I started working with Adobe Photoshop. I eventually made a career change in early 2000 and started working in the tech field in web-based application development. In mid 2008 I retired from active web dev work to pursue my  love for photography. I then went on to learn Adobe Premiere Pro, so that I could produce video content as well.

I am passionate about creating images and videos in multiple genres. Feel free to contact me by clicking the Contact button at the top of the page, or through my social media pages below. And thank you for your interest in Dean Allman Productions.

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