The Denver Skyline

Cityscapes From City Park

We have had some windy days here in the Denver area, and throughout Colorado. Typical for spring here, one disadvantage is that it can spread small wildfires into big ones. But one definite advantage has been that the wind blows all the pollution away. And the city looks great, until the next major windstorm stirs everything up again.

I took advantage of the clear skies this week to run over to City Park where you can get some of the best views of the Denver skyline.  Above is the view of downtown from the City Park golf course.

And this is a view of the boathouse at City Park. I have done a number of photoshoots here, including my son and daughter in law’s engagement photos. While I liked this image, I was struck by how flattened everything seemed to be. And then I remembered many years ago I had shot a picture of the same scene several floors up on a balcony off of the Denver Museum of Science and History.That building was directly behind the lawn where I shot the image above.  So this morning I went back down to the museum and shot some more. Since I was last at the Museum many years ago, the balcony has been transformed into the Anschutz Family Sky Terrace. It is fantastic, filling up 4 floors of the western side of the Museum. I went up to the top floor and walked out onto the balcony. There I was able to see one of the best panoramas of the Front Range I have ever seen. The view stretched from Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs up to the Flatirons in Boulder. In between you can see Red Rocks, Mount Evans, the Colorado State Capitol, and South Table Mesa near Golden. It really is an incredible display. I was also able to grab the image of the boathouse against the city skyline that motivated me to return to the museum. 

We are lucky to live in an amazing state, and I am glad that the wind helped out in blowing out the pollution here for a day or so. It is a real problem in Denver. Like most cities in the U.S. Denver has grown a great deal and that growth has contributed to the poor air quality. Perhaps photos like these can remind people what things can be like if we take better care of our space here. 

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