New York City Street Photography

A Workshop With Hugh and Claudia Brownstone

I started following Hugh Brownstone on his YouTube channel about 2 years ago. I found him to be thoughtful person as he talked about photography, and objective as he reviewed camera gear. And I loved the name of his company – Three Blind Men and an Elephant. He also had a well-developed knowledge base in photography. On one video he talked about the street photography workshops that he and his wife Claudia put on. I have wanted to spend more time in New York City, so I jumped at the chance to participate in one. 

And then Covid hit. Like most events the workshop was postponed, and we waited a year and a half till we could finally get out on the streets together. It was well worth the wait. Claudia and Hugh put a ton of energy into the workshop. And we had a great group. We have stayed in touch through Instagram ever since. And I will be attending an alumni workshop this October. Covid permitting ;-).  

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