Bluff Lake Nature Center

This is a wildlife preserve right in the Denver city limits and is Denver’s best birdwatching spot. There are over 230 species that have been identified at Bluff Lake, the largest number in Denver. The site is at the end of an abandoned airplane runway. When Stapleton Airport was operating here, the FAA required that an extension to the runway be built that was then blocked off for normal use. If a plane was unable to stop this part of the runway was available. This area and the surrounding lake and trees were then relatively unused, which created the conditions for wildlife habitat. The area has since been preserved while the rest of Stapleton was turned over to developers for housing. It represents a triumph of nature in an urban environment. My thought is to go in and start photographing as much as possible, and tell more of the story of this preserve, how it came to be, how it is maintained in the face of urban sprawl, and what life is like for the species that live there.

  • Cover the history of the preserve
  • Document Species
  • Discuss encroaching development
  • Effects of climate change on the area.



  1. Best photo of whatever species I am able to photograph
  2. Drone shots of area
  3. Quick show of a number of different species
  4. Video or images of birds in flight, nesting
  5. A series of images identifying several species (not just birds)
  6. Wide shots of the Preserve
  7. Encroaching development and it’s impact on the Preserve
  8. Pictures of young birds being fed
  9. People visiting park
  10. Sunset images birds roosting at night

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