2019 Texas Body Paint Competition

A Weekend of Fun in San Antonio

2019 was a big year for photographing Bodypainting events. Following the World Bodypainting Festival earlier in August, I looked for events in the United States. I found this festival in San Antonio, Texas in November. We had a backstage pass and were allowed in as the artists were finishing their pieces. They went on to have stage show where the bulk of these photographs were captured. In preparation for this post I took a lot of the photos snapped while the models were walking about the stage, isolated them, and then built a composite with different backgrounds for each shot. It helped in putting more emphasis on the artwork.  They are presented in the gallery below. The large group photo was captured at the end of the performance. A large print of this hangs in my office.

I think we all know what happened next. Covid really shut down events like this for a good two years. I do not think this competition will take place this year. I am attempting to reach folks involved, and if anything opens up I will announce it on my social media channels. 

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