Looking ahead in 2017

Lots of cool stuff going forward on the photo/film making part of my life:

1) I have become a member of the Colorado Photography Arts Center which has been a fixture here in the Denver photography community for years. Working solo like I do can be a bit isolating, so this gives me a group in the community I can connect with. CPAC sponsors workshops and gallery exhibits, so you will see me posting stuff from time to time. They are moving to a new location on Bannock Street close to downtown at the end of this month. I am excited at what they have to offer and am looking forward to getting involved.

2) The two areas I want to focus on for personal work going forward are photographing and filming carnivals and street festivals around the world, and more wildlife photography . Carnivals are captivating – lots of color and movement, and I love how they bring a community of people together. When I googled street carnivals I was thrilled to see how many there are throughout the year and around the world. The first event I will delve into is a big one: Mardis Gras in New Orleans this February. I have been to New Orleans many times but have never been there for Mardis Gras, so I am really looking forward to it. I also think this will only be the first time I attend.  For wildlife I will kick things off this year by attending the Sandhill Crane Migration in Kearney, Nebraska in March. I will follow that up with ongoing visits to wildlife refuges around the country throughout the year. It should be a busy year but I am really looking forward to it.

3) In the next week or so I should be posting a 2016 year in review video on You Tube and Vimeo. I have been going through all the images  I shot last year and am compiling them into a nice slideshow. It has been a fun process to go back over a whole year’s worth of work. I was fortunate to be able to do all kinds of work last year. I am pretty excited about the opportunities going forward. As always thank for your support and attention to my work. It is greatly appreciated.

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